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Orient Logic offers wide range of enterprise storage solutions from world leading manufacturers such as DELL, HP and Hitachi

View specifications and choose the correct storage configuration based on your application and server environment using convenient tools & links.

  • DELL Storage

  • HP Storage

  • Hitachi Storage

storageA wide range of solutions offering reliable back-up, protection and consolidation. Whether you have a small business or are part of an enterprise class corporation, you can rely on Dell to provide the best technology for your critically important data storage needs.


  • NAS and SAN solutions for file sharing and storage consolidation. Enables file sharing and storage consolidation using iSCSI & Fibre Channel technology

 More about DELL Networked Storage

  • Simple storage expansion directly attached to your server.

 More about DELL Direct-attached storage

  • Quick and efficient disk-based backup, recovery and archiving solution.

 More about DELL Disk Storage

  • Reliable backup for large amounts of data and long-term archiving.

 More about DELL Tape Backup



hp_storage Designed for small and midsize companies, HP Simply StorageWorks delivers simple, affordable, reliable business outcomes to help bridge the gap between data explosion and your IT infrastructure.


  • Delivers scalability, performance, and broad interoperability required for critical data and applications designed to meet a range of storage networking needs from small and midsized businesses to the largest corporate enterprises.

 More about HP Storage Networking

  • Increase performance, lower costs and simplify storage management
  • Store more file data and manage it more easily

 More about HP NAS Systems

  • Simple, affordable, and reliable network storage solutions.
  • Simplified data consolidation; optimized file serving

 More about HP Disk Storage Systems

  • Reliable, cost-effective tape, automation, disk-based data protection.
  • Streamlining the data protection process for businesses of all sizes

 More about HP Tape Storage



hds_storageTransform raw data into valuable information by making your data more accessible and simpler to manage. As the leader in storage virtualization, only Hitachi Data Systems offers a common, virtualized platform for all data and information.


  • Powerful, Scalable, Highly Reliable Modular Storage. 3 modular storage systems scaled to the needs of your business.
  • The only modular system with symmetric active-active controllers.

 More about Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 Family

  • High Performing Enterprise Storage Platform. Virtualization of storage from Hitachi and other vendors into one pool.
  • Thin provisioning through Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning for nondisruptive volume expansion

 More about Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V

  • High Performing Enterprise Storage Services Platform. Virtualization of storage from Hitachi and other vendors into one pool.
  • Thin provisioning through Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning for nondisruptive volume expansion.

 More about Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM

  • The Only 3D Scaling Storage Platform for All Data. VSP places maximum emphasis on high availability to satisfy the resilience and availability needs of demanding enterprise applications.
  • Virtualization technology enables the consolidation of multivendor storage resources in a single pool of enterprise storage capacity.

 More about Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform


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